Get Fit Body Hit was founded in 2015 as a family owned and operated business. The Get Fit Body Hit founders didn’t want it to be just another trainer providing company – they wanted to be the best in the industry and set their minds to doing so! Since its birth, Get Fit Body Hit has grown into one of Delhi’s best trainer provider company having helped over 5,000 customers live longer, happier and healthier lives

Our Vision

It is an Indian personal fitness advisor and fitness group. we believe that every person has their own personality and quality but not everyone is able to maintain the same. Many people visit Jim, Park and Sports Club to maintain their quality and personality but not achieve desired result
Keeping this in mind we have trained to different types of trainers those will help you to achieve your desired goals.

Why Choose Us?

We listen to you: We customize every workout to help you reach your goals.

We motivate: Our personal training coaches help you stay motivated as we work to establish a consistent workout schedule. We design a fitness program that's structured to hold you accountable and create a lifestyle that encourages proper health and a positive well-being.

We deliver results: Stop wasting your time with workouts that aren't giving you results. Our team will ensure that you achieve results. Your fitness program is created for you to fit your abilities and help you reach your goals. We keep records of your workouts and your progress and re-assess fitness levels every 15 weeks.




Anamika singh

Thanks to the Get Fit Body Hit team for the goodwill gesture and for creating a fun workout environment. Loving all the new equipment. Happy to have you open and enjoying the experience. 

Aatir khan

"Hi, I want to express my gratification towards Karan sir, Ashif sir and puneet sir. All three of them are utterly talented, Professional and accommodating. They are ready to assist at all times and are pleasant. Keep up the good work guys !

Nashit sala

They are absolute pro at their job. Their knowledge is not just the technique but also about the anatomy, the inner workings of the muscle is astounding. They are not just well versed about training but can see the specific muscle imbalances and works on them.

Piyush singh

 I have not just become stronger but also more knowledgeable and aware about my own body because They explains the scientific reason for doing each and every exercise. Their focus and encouragement pushes you to try harder and achieve the unachievable.


Yogesh and Anjali sharma

They have fantastic trainers with great sense of humor so every session is filled with laugh and positive attitude which empower you to work out even harder. Very professional coaching and definitely will help you to achieve your fitness goals! We really enjoyed my few weeks training with GET FIT BODY HIT.

Firoz zaidi

I'd highly recommend Their personal Training program. Their trainers are really good. I've been with Rahul sir about 6 months now and it's probably been the longest time I've stuck with any consistent fitness plan, thanks to him!


Training with Get Fit Body Hit is brilliant. The best decision I made was contacting with them The encouragement and support that you get from them is not like any other gym. They re dedicated 100% to their  clients. Not only is it fitness that you learn about you also learn about nutrition.


Thanks to the Get Fit Body Hit team for the goodwill gesture and for creating a fun workout environment.